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Old Batumi

Ferit Kuyas, Chongqing: City of Ambition

Léonie Hampton In the Shadow of Things

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Fadi Kelada 1st Place - Outstanding Achievemen

Fadi Kelada  

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

Wild West Georgians History

 Initially, Georgian riders joined the   
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show in 1892, traveling to London that year and to America in 1893. Of all the tales told about the riders, the one most often repeated is the story of their recruitment. Thomas Oliver (1867 – 1943), a commissioner, arrived in Georgia (then part of Russian Empire) to locate riders for Wild West show in the United States.

Wild West Georgians

Georgian horsemen became notable participants in shows about the Wild West in the 1890s. Billed as Russian Cossacks, the riders from Georgia featured in circuses and shows well into the first half of the 20th century. Their performances, featuring trick riding and folk dance, were extremely popular and exerted significant influence on cowboys in the United States.

Aurora Borealis Calgary Clouds

Aurora Borealis Snowmobile (Northern Lights)

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights House